1. The primary goal of the Utah Bass Federation shall be to preserve and further the sport of bass angling.

2. To aftiliate with the Utah Bass Federation as a member club, the following requirements must be met:
a. Support Utah Bass Federation activities.
b. In addition to being a member of an affiliated club and meeting the participation requirements of the Utah Bass Federation, all Utah Bass Federation members must meet The Bass Federation, Inc.’s (TBF) current requirements for membership.

3. Funds for the support and maintenance of the Utah Bass Federation will be derived from membership dues, federation tournaments, and from special projects sponsored by the Utah Bass Federation. Under no circumstance will the Utah Bass Federation accept monetary assistance from individuals, businesses, corporations, or government agencies, if there is prima facie evidence the goals of these agencies are contrary to the primary goals ofthe Utah Bass Federation.

4. Utah Bass Federation Meeting Schedule and Composition:
a. The January meeting will include the following: introduction of new officers [if applicable], budget report, and event planning.
b. The second quarter meeting will be for all other business pertaining to upcoming events.
c. The third quarter meeting will have the following items for discussion: Nominations for the following years officers. Candidate declarations must be made at this meeting. No other nominations will be accepted after this date, unless a vacancy exists.

4. The November meeting will have the following items for discussion and vote:
a. Voting on officers nominated at the August meeting.
b. Tournament sites are presented. No permits may be applied for without the approval of the incoming board
members [if applicable].

5. State Team Qualification:
a. The Utah Bass Federation shall host four [4] individual one day events on two separate weekends. Each angler will be awarded points based on finish.
b. The final scoring will be based on the anglers best three [3] fishing days. Ties will be broken by the largest overall weight in all four [4] events.
c. The team shall consist of the six [6] highest finishing boaters, four [4] highest finishing non-boaters, and the final two [2] positions, including two alternates will be based on highest finish not in the top ten.
d. All state team anglers must declare their intent to fish the divisional by the state team meeting. In the event an angler drops off the state team the next boater or non-boater respectively will move up.
e. All state team members must read and sign the state team contract to participate.
f. All state team members must be in good standing with The Bass Federation and the Utah Bass Federation.

6. Entry Fees are not all inclusive and may be changed from year to year based on the needs of the Utah Bass Federation.
a. The entry fee will be $75.00 per day for each boater.
b. The entry fee will be $75.00 per day for each nonboater. **None of the basic entry fee is paid out.
c. Guests may fish at a rate of $35.00 per day, but they must be an associate member of the federation for an additional $15 per year. Guest are not eligible for the state team roster. Guests may enter option pots at their discretion.
d. Any angler who brings a first time federation angler to a qualifying tournament will receive a $25.00 discount towards his total entry fee for the two day weekend event. “First time” federation angler is defined as a person who has never fished a state qualifier for the UBF.
e. Options: Main purse: $50.00 per day, Big fish $10.00 per day, All American $10.00 per day, Payouts are separate between boaters and nonboaters. All option pot entries are non-refundable and
paid back at 100%. The big fish trophy will be awarded to the person weighing the largest fish on the boater and non-boater side each day. The angler must enter the big fish pot to be eligible for the trophy.
f. Qualifier Off Limits: Sunday night at midnight the weekend prior to the qualifier until safe light Friday morning, the day before the event. Each event will have a one day practice period.
g. Eligibility: Anglers must be a current member in good standing of a Utah Bass Federation Club, The Utah Bass Federation, TBF, and FLW to be eligible for a roster spot on the state team. Anglers must declare which state federation they are fishing for before singing up for the event.
h. Boat Draw/Pairings: A boater who signs up with a non-boater is guaranteed the use of his boat. Boaters who sign up without a non-boater guarantee may have a boat to boat draw. Every effort will be made to ensure no boater fishes an event solo. In the event this may happen, the solo angler will be one who signed up with a non-boater guarantee.
i. All qualifier entries must be received by the tournament director or his designee seven [7] days prior to the event. The boater/non-boater guarantee must be declared at the time of entry. Entries after this date will be accessed a $50.00 late fee. Anglers must be in good standing prior to entry.
j. In the event an angler fishes the event and it is later discovered he/she was not in good standing at the time ofthe event, he/she may be disqualified from participation on the state team. It is the responsibility of the angler to determine if he/she is in good standing prior to entry.
k. In the event a post tournament eligibility issue may come forth, the governing board will be the final authority. Allocation of Funds: The allocation of funds for the state team, national
contenders, president and/or conservation director to attend the national meetings and conferences; shall be based on a budget detennined at the beginning of each year. Funding for the state team, national contenders, federation officers, will be the same amount. All such funding will be allocated from the previous years income as the state team and national contenders are selected during that year.

8. A good faith effort will be made by the Utah Bass Federation to finance all other federation events by outside means rather than using qualifier entries as the sole support for the federation.

9. The standing rules can be amended or otherwise altered only by majority vote of the federation clubs [exception is yearly entry fees]. For the purposes of this paragraph, a majority vote is 51% of clubs in good standing. In the case of a tie, the president will cast the deciding vote.

10. Final authority for the interpretation of these rules shall rest with The Bass Federation, inc.

UBF By-Laws

The Utah Bass Federation [UBF], composed of affiliated chapters of The Bass Federation, Inc. [TBF] does hereby adopt the following By-Laws and standing Rules. The UBF will be governed by a Board of Directors composed of five [5] members who shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President. The UBF will also be governed by Club Representatives with one member being elected from each respective club. Each club shall also elect one member as an alternate Representative. The Board of Directors shall remain at five [5] melnbers, unless new board positions are created within UBF. The positions of Secretary, Marketing Manager, Assistant Marketing Manger, Conservation Director, Tournament Director, and Youth Director shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors & Club Representatives – Manner of Election, Terms of Office, and Duties

The Board of Directors and representatives will be convened at least quarterly to conduct the business of the UBF. Additionalmeetings will be held at the discretion of the president. The Club Representatives shall annually nominate and elect, by secret ballot, the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. The president shall then appoint from within the UHF membership any  State-Chairmen of any committees deemed necessary by him. The positions of Secretary, Marketing Manager, Assistant Marketing Manager, Conservation Director, Tournament Director, and Youth
Director shall have no limit to the number of terms that they can serve.

Office of Club Representative

The Club Representatives will be elected annually by their individual club. One Representative and one alternate representative shall be elected. In the absence of the Club Representative the alternate Representative shall have the authority to cast the club vote[s]. In order for the vote to be valid the respective club must be in good standing and the member casting such vote shall be in good standing with UBF and the TBF.

Eligibility for Office

1. General- Must be a member in good standing with TBF and an active affiliated chapter of the UBF.
2. Office of President – Must have served one year of active duty on the Board of Directors or as a Club Representative or as a Club President.


1. Each club shall have one [1] vote per twenty [20] members. Each member must be in good standing. For purposes of this section votes will be awarded to the respective clubs by counting members in good standing at the time rosters are annually submitted. No club will be allowed to vote on UBF business until a valid roster is submitted.
2. Club Representatives shall be entitled to vote on all matters before the board. The Board of Directors shall not have a vote with exception of the President, who shall only cast of vote in the event of a tie.
3. A member may not be a Club Representative and serve on the Board of Directors at the same time.
4. Absentee [proxy] votes – Absentee ballots will be acceptable by any manner so long as it is property documented. Email proxy votes are recommended.
5. All matters presented to the UBF membership for vote shall require a majority vote. A majority vote shall be deemed as 51% of clubs in good standing.

Terms of Office and Re-Election

1. Officer and Club Representatives will be installed at the January annual meeting and will serve until the following November meeting. The outgoing president [if applicable] shall be responsible for assisting the new board to ensure a smooth transition.
2. There are no limits to the number of terms that can be served by officers of the board.


1. President:

a. Preside over all meetings of the Board or special
meetings of the UBF.
b. Direct all official UBF business.
c. Supervise all UBF activities.
d. Be the official representative of the UBF in relationship
to other organizations.
e. Delegate such duties as may be appropriate to better
serve the UBF.
f. Maintain liaison with TBF, Inc.

2. Vice President:

a. Assist the President upon request.
b. Preside in the absence of the President.
c. Assume the Office of President or any other offices should it be vacated.

3. Secretary:

a. Record accurate minutes of all meetings.
b. Call meetings of the Board.
c. Maintain regular correspondence with member chapters.
d. Minutes of the meeting to be sent electronically to all members of the Board within ten [10] days.
e. Collect agenda items from the Board and Club Presidents. Electronically send an official agenda to the Board and Club Presidents four weeks prior to the federation meeting.
f. Complete all required documents so as UBF is in compliance with sponsor contracts.
g. Compile a complete list of each members personal information and keep it on file.

4. Treasurer:

a. Receive and disburse all monies. Approval of the Board of Directors is required for all expenditures in excess of $500.00. **Exception would be tournament
related payouts **
b. Maintain accurate financial records and present a current balance at each regular UBF meeting.
c. Make all accounts available for an annual audit to be conducted by the UBF Board and presented to the UBF membership at the January meeting.
d. Be responsible for collection of membership dues, tournament fees, and Iniscellaneous income.
e. Be responsible for overseeing financial compliance with TBF requirements.
f. Be responsible for maintaining a UBF membership roster of members in good standing.
g. All checks shall require two [2] signatures from any two of the following federation officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Tournament Director.

5. Marketing Manager/Assistant Marketing Manager:

a. Act as a liaison to the news media, radio, television, and local newspapers.
b. Educate the public as to the importance of warm water fishing in the State of Utah.
c. Inform the respective state wildlife agencies of activities of the UBF.
d. Publish a yearly directory and quarterly news letter to be sent electronically to UBF members.
e. Publish any materials deemed necessary by the UBF to inform its members or the public of federation activities.
f. Maintain the UBF website so as we are in compliance with any TBF mandates.
g. The Market Manager or Assistant Market Manager will be responsible for the solicitation and posting of all information relevant to the UBF including but not limited to: tournament results, tournament forms, and calendar of events.

6. Tournament Director:

a. Plan, organize, and operate any and all State Team qualifying tournaments. In addition to, plan, organize, and operate any other tournament hosted by the UBF.
b. Determine eligibility, collect entry fees, set awards, rule with final authority on proper conduct, procedures, qualifications, and any other matters relating to tournaments hosted by the UBF.
c. Assure the state chapter tournaments are conducted within the spirit of the current National TBF tournament rules. All tournaments are open to UBF/TBF members 16 years of age or older.
d. It will the primary duty of the tournament director and/or committee to conduct its affairs with honor, integrity, and sportsmanship.
e. In the event of an emergency where the tournament director is unable to fulfill his obligations, the president or his designee may appoint or conduct any UBF tournament.
f. Be responsible for providing expedient tournament results to the Marketing Manager or Assistant Marketing Manger.
g. Submit ANY documentation to the appropriate state or federal agencies as required.
h. Provide a courtesy phone call/email to the state fish and wildlife agency[s] prior to each tournament.

7. Assistant Tournament Director:

a. Assist the tournament director with all of the responsibilities of his positions.
b. To facilitate weigh-in procedures by measuring all fish brought to the scales.
c. To assist in any and all tournament related duties as directed by the tournament director.

8. Conservation Director:

a. Coordinate activities relating to environmental issues, or causes that affect the UBF.
b. Document and report any violations of local, state, or federal anti-pollution laws, statues, regulations, or ordinances.
c. To monitor the political situation, both locally and nationally, for laws and regulations that may have detrimental affect on the status of fishing, waters, habitat, and other environmental/conservation issues.
d. To undertake informational and educational programs to make the public aware of threats to our environment.
e. To take a leadership role in repairing any existing damage to our environment.
f. To coordinate with the conservation directors of each club, for the purpose of establishing a coalition of UBF conservation club directors; and to prioritize, work on, the activities this coalition deems important to the federation and its environment.
g. To attend state qualifying tournaments and monitor the handling and health of released fish.
h. To immediately notify the tournament director of any situation that may occur during a tournament where the health of the fish may excessively be jeopardized.

9. Youth Director:

a. Coordinate the youth program in accordance with TBF requirements to ensure the progrmll qualifies and the youth will be recognized to qualify for the national tournament.
b. Conducts youth tournaments or events to qualify the state team champion[s].
c. Obtains any permits required by state law.

10. Club Representative:

a. Report from the individual club, activities, or other important matters.
b. Convey club business or other concerning matters to the UBF
d. Vote on items of federation business that may require consent.

Removal of Membership

1. Any board member or club representative may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Board upon 30 days prior notice. A majority vote is 80%.
2. Upon removal of any Board member or representative or request for release the vacant position will be filled as follows:

a. Board officer position will be selected by the majority vote of the remaining officers.
b. Club Representative will automatically default to the alternate representative. The new alternate representative position will be elected by the individual club.

3. Any club or any member shall be dropped from the membership roll for any of the following:

a. Failing to pay yearly dues required of all members as voted by the board of directors.
b. Any action which would reflect dishonor and disgrace on this organization as detennined by the board of directors.
c. Failure to have a club representative attend 50% of the state board meetings during a 12 month period.
d. In the event a club Inay be required to travel in excess of 150 miles [one-way] the club may apply for an exemption from the board. The board must approve the exemption with a majority vote.
e. Any club or member may be reinstated by a majority vote of the board at any time for any reason.

Disciplinary Actions Other than Removal

1. These actions shall include, but not limited to: reduction, suspension, and may include any other action felt necessary by the Board of Directors.
2. Any action recommended by the Board of Directors and not specifically spelled out in this document shall require a majority vote of the board.

Dissolution Clause

In the event the UBF should cease to exist, all assets both liquid and fixed shall transfer to another fishing organization that embodies the spirit and mission of the UBF. In the event such an
organization does not exist the assets shall be sold and transferred to a non-profit organization in the State of Utah that benefits fishing.

Amendments or By-Law Changes

The by-laws can be amended or otherwise altered only by a vote of all the clubs affiliated with the UBF. To change the bylaws or amendments notice of the proposed amendments must be
sent out to the clubs no less than 30 days prior to the voting date. For amendments or by-law changes to pass; a majority vote is necessary of all clubs in good standing.

Standing Committees – Purpose & Duties

The Federation President may appoint any special committees as may beCOll1e necessary. To be eligible for appointment, a candidate must be a melnber in good standing of the Utah Bass Federation, The Bass Federation, Inc. and a chapter affiliated with the UBF.