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35 Excellent Topics for History Research Paper

Writing a history paper can prove a tedious task and consume a ton of time for students. The copious amounts of research required to structure a history paper can often trigger stress among many students.

This guide will highlight various tips for writing a history research paper and offer some topic ideas to guide your selection. Without further ado, let’s dive into the process of writing a history paper.

How to write a history research paper?

Like other forms of academic papers, history papers call for a strategic approach to ensure that you cater to the paper’s nitty-gritty elements. These steps should come in handy as you structure your history research paper.

  1. Understand the assignment

The key to any academic assignment is to understand what is required of you. To analyze the assignment and examine for various trigger words and keywords. This will help you get a clear perspective of the trajectory your paper should take and the arguments at your disposal.

While at this, record various requirements for proofreading purposes. These requirements include the referencing style, the word count, font, and other specific requirements by your tutor.

  1. Brainstorm for topic ideas

After you’ve established the requirements, set out to brainstorm various ideas on the topic. These ideas should include various intriguing arguments you have considering the topic and inadequacies you’ve established when interacting with various materials during your study.

Jot down these ideas and use them to guide you in selecting your history research paper topic. Doing this will help ensure that you select an interesting topic, allowing you to retain your interest as you cater to various elements of your paper.

  1. Select your topic

Next, engage various resources and search for your main keyword to get relevant history research paper topics. This will broaden your options further, allowing you to select a topic that best evokes your curiosity.

You must narrow it down to two topics and engage various resources to determine the topic you can fully address with the available resources. This approach offers you a fallback option if you get stuck midway through writing your paper.

  1. Research

Next, research the topic and jot down the ideas you gather on various topics. Record the source next to each idea and prepare a spreadsheet to capture references for used resources.

This will help you easily retrieve material if you need to elaborate on an idea and avoid omitting a reference on the ‘work’s cited section.’ Next, link your ideas and determine the suitable categories to chunk your paper if you are preparing a very long paper.

  1. Prepare your thesis

Now that you are fully aware of your argument write your thesis statement. Note that this should be debatable and clearly express the main sentiments of your paper.

  1. Make an outline

Finally, prepare an outline of the key ideas you have encountered during research. This will map out your argument and help you avoid ideas that may sidetrack you from your main argument.

The outline will also help you determine various gaps in your argument, helping you cover all the relevant details ensuring a solid argument.

  1. Draft and write your paper

With your outline in hand, you can now prepare your paper. However, ensure to use simple language, only using technical terms where necessary instead of bombarding your reader with excessive jargon.

History paper format

The history paper is divided into the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

  • Introduction – this section should analyze previous studies on the topic and why your study is relevant in your niche. Be keen to use a hook and present your thesis in this area to help readers determine your paper’s key idea.
  • Body – this section highlights your main ideas, with each argument occupying its paragraph. Each paragraph should have a topic idea and evidence and be summarized with a statement expressing how the idea fits your thesis.
  • Conclusion – here, you should reiterate your main argument and the thesis statement. Avoid introducing new ideas in this area, as it may create room for counterarguments and weaknesses in your paper.

History research paper outline


  • Definition of the topic
  • Analysis of previous research on the topic and weaknesses of existing research
  • Hook to introduce your paper to your topic idea
  • Thesis statement 



  • Topic sentence: analyze the issue under study
  • Evidence
  • Show how your study complements the existing data


  • Restate your thesis
  • Summarize key points
  • Highlight counterarguments that you may make against your suggestions

History topics for a research paper

Here are some quality history research paper ideas to help you start your paper.

Art history research paper topics

  1. Comparing and contrasting Mesoamerican and Egyptian pyramids
  2. The main principles guiding medieval arts
  3. Analyze the portraits of your favorite artist
  4. Why is photography phasing out fine art?
  5. The influence of science on Greek structures
  6. An analysis of Picasso and Leonardo Davinci
  7. Cubism vs impressionism 

Interesting topics for history research paper

  1. How white supremacy is replacing Nazis
  2. The influence of religion on historical developments
  3. Items that America borrowed from African culture
  4. Comparing the ideals of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
  5. The impact of railway development on US future
  6. Impact of colonizers on the colonized nations
  7. Analyzing the view of racism from an African-Americans perspective

Music history research paper topics

  1. Influence of the catholic church on renaissance music
  2. A case study on the development of the Baroque opera
  3. Why modern music is better than 90’s music
  4. Why hip-hop is a misunderstood genre
  5. Is jazz music fading off? Is jazz music obsolete?
  6. Impact of music pirating on the industry
  7. Analyzing the development of female musicians over history

US history research paper topics

  1. How America amassed power during the world war
  2. Analyzing the reasons behind US support in various wars across history
  3. How WWII changed American history
  4. Role of media in ending the Vietnam war
  5. How ending slavery impacted the development of the USA
  6. A case study on Malcolm X’s influence in achieving civil rights
  7. Reasons for economic depression and approaches to avoid another depression

World history research paper topics

  1. Analyzing the role of weapons in winning wars around the world
  2. Impacts of the abolition of the slave trade
  3. A tactical analysis of historical warfare
  4. Analyzing the causes of WWI
  5. How the Roman empire negatively impacted the worldwide leadership
  6. An analysis of the role of David Livingstone to African culture
  7. A case study of religions before 1000 AD

Final take

Writing a history research paper should not cause you sleepless nights. We hope this guide helped you get your paper on track. If you need more help with your paper, please engage our team for further guidance.

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